Dangerous Relations sans Romance

2016-12-30 : 8 pm performance

I saw “DANGEROUS LIAISONS” last night and thought it lacked one important element:  ROMANCE

The actors were fabulous, and the show was racy, scandalous and suggestive. I found the characters interesting but worthy of pity. It’s a story about the war of love and desire, and to me it missed the essential element of Romance with a capital “R”. The settings were “romantic” for sure:  candle light, exquisite period costumes, beautiful paintings and furniture.   A fabulous display of the decorative arts.  But,  I seemed to recognize just regular people wearing fancy attire and reading words in clever and mellifluous tones. Pretty, handsome, beautiful, the show is indulgent and thereby something special.  But, the depth of feeling one gets from connecting with the emotions of an exposed heart broken was lacking, and made me feel sad for us all.  I really didn’t care about the characters. They’re pitiful because of their boredom.  Some people in the audience loved the show and gave it a standing ovation — but I think they may just have been going through the motions.

I had no initial interest in seeing the show because I thought a show based on the movie was a gimmick. However, hearing from two colleagues that they enjoyed the show,
plus the availability of an economical ticket swayed me to check it out. For week #31 ending 12/31/2016, the show played to 49% capacity and 27% of gross potential at a total gross of $187,815.

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